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Paying it Forward

Friends from the Industry

I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with so many people who have helped and supported me in my career, this page is the opportunity for me to share some of those people with you. Here are colleagues i highly revere, and whom i have been able to find their portfolio sites.


Names in no particular order.


Unique Visions International

Bill Gorgenson - Creative Director

Mike Lamka - Show Set Designer

Dante Bruno - Attraction Designer

Chris Gustafson

Mechanical Engineer, Designer, & Animator

Kevin Kalbfeld

Attraction Designer

Emily Harley


Jon Plsek

Concept Designer

Danny Byerley

Creative Director & Experience Designer

Drew Pace

Attraction Designer/3d Artist

Delfin Gomez

Concept Designer

Nick Collins

Art Director

Ronit Liberman

Costume Designer

Thomas Rogers

Project Coordinator/Designer

Justin Martin

Concept Designer

Zane Jensch

Creative Director

Steven Tatham

Creative Director

Geoff Thatcher

Creative Director

Rick Bluhm

Creative Director

Olivia West


Luc Steadman

CEO and Principal Designer

Matt Baker

Show Set Designer

Jessie Elliot

Show Set Designer

Eric Gordon

Production Designer & Art Director

Ray Keim

Concept Designer/Illustrator

Kim Gromoll

Art Director, Concept Designer

Colt Sammons

Designer, Technical Director, Creative Consultant

Dannon Lucia

Producer/Project Manager

Stephen Burket

A MacGyver of Design and Fabrication


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