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Dracula's Castle

Personal Concept for Lagoon Park, Utah

Photos of current attraction
The Project​

My family has had the tradition of going to Lagoon Park in Farmington, Utah since 1957. Growing up always going to this park definitely influenced my career in themed entertainment. Dracula's Castle is one of their old dark rides which always intrigued me, here I will explore what I would do if charged with re-designing this classic attraction and applying things I have learned from my career. This is a work in progress and more to come!

Written Treatment


Bram Stoker withheld the gruesome reason Count Dracula was forced to leave his grotesque estate, travel to Dracula's Castle to find out!


Story Treatment

It is 3 years before Johnathan Walker will arrive to help Count Dracula settle his affairs and make his exile to England. Castle Dracula a grotesque structure finely decorated, but very weathered with centuries of age. You approach the castle through the crumbling battlements and across the grounds of the fortress. Upon entering through the great doors of the castle you find yourself wandering a dizzying maze of stairs passageways and rooms.

You are invited by the Count himself to a grand party you board a small caleche to lead you through the castle's labyrinth You travel through a portion of the castle and immerge into a grand ballroom filled with people, you dance with the music until you see one of three lovely girls cut herself, Count Dracula filled with a beastly desire attacks her and the other girls biting them in the neck, candlelight goes out leaving a dim room where you see Dracula's shadow streak across the room. The screams and cries of people can be heard ask you are whisked through a door. You leave the castle and enter a forest. As you wander the forest you hear the distant howl of wolves, then you see small floating blue flames appear illuminating hidden treasure lying in the forest. Almost as quickly as you see them appear evil shadows snuff them out, the howls of wolves can be heard coming closer more quickly until you turn and face a large snarling wolf. You turn and re-enter the castle and pass a door looking into the ballroom blood flowing through the door, mad laughs can be heard coming through the door. You turn and see the three girls lying on a table all three sit up and all three of their heads turn with a menacing smile eyes with a red glow, long sharp teeth dripping with blood. You hear their cackles as they chase you through the castle. Dracula pops up and wards off the girls telling them you are his. You see through the windows the sun about to rise, you are backed to a corner then a curtain is torn open the sun shining in bouncing off a large mirror stored amongst the dusty furniture in the room bouncing off and hitting Count Dracula. He draws back and you see him age significantly before you crash through a door and enter another room where some local villagers were looking for missing citizens, they help you out and you are able to escape Dracula's Castle.


Images & Story Copyright Taylor A. Baird

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