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I start off by drawing some small sketches of ideas I have for a project. During this time I wrote out a story for each facade to help drive design choices. (Can be viewed at the bottom of the page)

After I have things sketched out I will use Sketchup to start working out things dimensionally.

While I am doing sketches I do research for my projects and compile them using Pinterest so it can be acessed on any device or computer.

Once I have made final design choices I will create a cleaner rendition of elevations and details.

Created in collaboration with Thomas Rogers, Diane Dwyer, Angel Speaks, and Griffin Christoffersen

As I continue with the project I keep working in Sketchup creating a more detailed and accurate model.

I use photoshop to render out some details of the facade and below for our presentaiton of this particualr project we projection mapped a printed version of the elevation to help describe and bring life to our design.

I use photoshop to render out some details of the facade and below for our presentaiton of this particualr project we projection mapped a printed version of the elevation to help describe and bring life to our design.

As I near the end of the design process I create more detailed renderings of the project to show how it might look in real life.

Written treatment mentioned in the beginning of the page:

Written treatment mentioned in the beginning of the page:

Coney Island to Dinotopia Transition Story Detail

Underworld of the Lizard People
-Under the gaping mouth of the attraction there lies caves winding down to the lair of the mysterious Lizard people, unfortunate souls who though hereditary diseases or fully body tattoos are a show for guests. Due to being in the dark most of the times their skin is very pale and sickly. The only way the find to sneak out is by thoroughly wrapping them selves with layers of clothing even in the summer to explore the world above.

-The Core of deceit in Coney Island, as these people rig each game in various ways to prevent participants any chance of winning, earning them selves a way to a quick buck. Since they are frequently discovered the games seem to change each visit. Hidden in the shadows are the quickly removed remains of previous games and fights of days gone by. The enterprising game hosts are dress in colorful suits calling out for their next quick dollar. Prizes hang around each game very obviously cheap but yet very appealing, in most there is a dusty grand prize which never seems to be won.

The Alley
-Between the Underworld of the Lizard People and the Theatre is a small alley way dark and usually ignored but upon closer inspection you find the remains of fighters scammers and other ghost of Coney Island’s Dark past of sin and botchery present in wine, women, and gambleing.

Vaudeville Theatre
-Drama is always to be found at the Vaudeville Theatre. The shrieks of prima donnas can usually be heard as they practicing for her evening’s performance. The madam puts on a façade of well-ordered perfection but if you could glimpse in her room, well there is a very different story… In other dressing rooms there is a small room for the Olsen sisters, triplets who are backup dancers for the various acts. These three are used to sharing small spaces so they are each meticulously organized and each have a pastel color representing themselves. One of the windows belongs to the stage manager a man mid sized, grey hair and large glasses. Once a great director of Broadway has now retired and

Rest Area
-The rest area is a quiet retreat from the noise and bustle of Coney Island, and a place for mediation and contemplation from Dinotopia. In the center of the garden there is a fountain with sculpted dinosaurs and people a symbol of world history and the unification of man and dinosaur.

Dinotopian House 1 
-The Bakers live near the garden; they own a bakery in the market. They have three children. They live a simple life but love the tranquility they found when they were shipwrecked on Dinotopia.

Dinotopian House 2
-The Brontosons are sixth generation Dinotopians. Mr. Brontoson creates saddles and decoration for many of the Dinosaurs in the city. Mrs. Brontoson weaves some of the finer fabrics her husband uses in his trade. They have four children two boys and two girls.

Crabb’s Shoppe
-Crabb owns an antique shop selling things he finds on his travels throughout Dinotopia. Crabb was shipwrecked on Dinotopia in his youth and have never appreciated the life Dinotopia offers. His explorations are to try to find a way off the island but so far to no avail. He lives on the upper level and also runs a small black market in a hidden room.

Waterfall Tower
-Outlet for the complex aqueduct system

Courtyard of Dinosaurs
- In this courtyard reside of some of the most respected dinosaurs of the city including Zeek a quirky librarian who is very knowledgeable about the history of Dinotopia. Chip the Distinguished Linguist teaches you how to write in dinotopian
- Journey to Chandara Pg.125

Dinotopian Shop
-Madame Lynwood of 2 Allosaurus Lane is the wealthiest woman in Dinotopia. Her grandfather was a ship captain whose crew and vessel were lost to the Razor Reef. When Captain Lynwood first laid eyes on a Sun Stone, he knew instantly how special they were, realizing Dinotopians had little supplies to take care of their precious gems. After all, the two Sun Stone Polishers were only given the task of caring for the most important stones. He used his spare time to train as a Sun Stone Polisher, learning their techniques and the materials they used and harnessed his new skills to open a shop where Dintopians could come and learn to take care of their own Sun Stones, as well as, buy materials to do so. The store was an instant success and created a stable trust for the Captain’s heirs, one being Madame Lynwood. Her son, Jacob is currently Dinotopia’s Prime Sun Stone Polisher. Madame Lynwood has spent her days running her family’s store and collecting artifacts and treasures from around Dinotopia.
Abel is Madame Lynwood’s Saurian Life Partner and Lord Saurian over the Rainy Basin. He is an Ankylosaurus, one of the few to ever reside on the Dinotopian Consul. Abel came to Madame Lynwood at the Hatchery when she was very young, and he was just an egg.

Dinotopian Shop/ Apartment Complex
-Perfume shop owned by Madame Belgard and eccentric old woman who uses her chemistry skills to create unique scents for man and dinosaur.
-A Whimsical man named Winston Merrymaker, an old widower who has a few children who reside on the opposite side of Waterfall City, owns the Music shop. He loves teaching the children how to play the eclectic collection of instruments in his shop. Every once in a while he will be struck with a cord of inspiration and will create an entirely new instrument to add to his shop.


(Created in collaboration with Thomas Rogers, Diane Dwyer, Angel Speaks, and Griffin Christoffersen)

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